Our Coffee Machine

Friday morning at ‘The Butchers Dog’ was exciting for me. We got there early as two people from Mocopan arrived to install our coffee machine. Whilst Darin cooked them breakfast (one had left Melbourne from home at 4 am!), I watched the installation. The technician was busy adjusting and putting in pipes and hoses and I asked the Sales rep from Mocopan lots of questions and answered some of his, sometimes with ‘ I don’t know’ :-).

There is a lot involved in making good coffee! I never realised. Thank goodness I have Asha and Kate. Asha worked at The Camels Hump whilst studying in Melbourne and Kate has been making coffees to fund her travel for most of her life. They both make a great coffee and I’m learning slowly. The main thing I’ve learnt though is that the coffee has to be fresh. The beans once ground, become stale within 4 hours.

Yesterday Darin and I went in to have a practice.

 When I first saw this brochure for the   “Nuova Simonelli”, I loved it’s simplicity. On the Nuova Simonelli US website there is a quote “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci.


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