Today’s Menu

BBQ Beef

Stuffed Mushrooms

Pan Fried, Crumbed Whiting

Frittata with tomato, zuchini and spinach

Pork Spare Ribs with Chilli Plum Sauce

Penne with Cheese and Cracked Pepper



Veges today: Potatoes & Cauliflower & Brocolli

Salad: Garden Salad

Baguettes : Chicken, Avocado, Cheese, Lettuce with homemade mayonaise

Sweet: Tiramisu/ Chocolate Tart/ Chocolate Logs

Coffee Today: Mocopan Fresco, using Fairtrade Certified beans.

Darin cooks our food with fresh ingredients. We go to the green grocer and butcher daily to ensure the ingredients are at their best for you.  That’s why it tastes so yummy, that and the fact that he’s been cooking great food for so long:).


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