What Makes Us Different? Part 1

1. Our food is cooked on the premises with simple fresh ingredients.

I have been astonished since adventuring into the food industry when I have looked through food suppliers catalogues of food and recognised so many dishes that can be bought totally prepared. They just need to have their temperature adjusted: frozen, refrigerated, defrosted, cooked or ugh, microwaved. They deliver consistent results, the food is going to be exactly the same each time if the process is followed correctly. Almost like fast food chains.

I worked at Simplot, a large food manufactorer and distributer on a Y2K project in the late 90s. It was facinating to get such an overview of that industry. There were factories in all states that had farms supplying them. The food would then be shipped all over Australia and the customers were those big fast food chains. I have recently discovered that many smaller takeaway outfits and cafes have a similar, yet possibly more expensive, prepared food process from smaller food distributers, who are probably making their purchases from those larger companies. There are lots of food miles involved.

We go to the green grocer, butcher and bakery daily. We purchase some items from food distributers to keep our costs affordable, like eggs (fresh, in a carton:)), large containers of cream, buckets of cheese for example. We cook the food daily in the place where you will buy it. We haven’t used the microwave or deep fryer yet.

2. The Butchers Dog food is cooked by an experienced chef. He has worked for over 20 years in a variety of kitchens. He knows how to make lots of different foods and has a rich knowledge of all things food. There is a lot to know about food. When we eat out at most takeaway shops (and cafes, bistros etc) the food is put together by a system. There is a process in place that any 16 year old kid could follow, and that is often the case. They follow the steps mindlessly like production workers. I believe food tastes better when it’s created by a person and not a system.



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4 responses to “What Makes Us Different? Part 1

  • Rhu

    I couldn’t agree more. I have a passion for using seasonal produce, from F&V through to by products such as olive oil, vinegar etc. If a by product is made when the ingredients are seasonal the quality and flavour will be far superior, just like the fruits and veg at their peak. And how much more healthy would we all be?

  • thebutchersdog

    Thanks for dropping by Rhu, I love your blog:-)… especially your posts on food. I hope the water isn’t getting any closer.

  • Linda

    Good to see you back after Christmas.

    Question – where did the name come from? Because we are fascinated by the Butcher’s shop at Newry, where whenever you go past (it was closed when we checked yesterday), there is a dog (same dog), outside the front door. Sometimes he goes to the shade ont he side. But he is usually there.

    So why the Butcher’s Dog? Does it mean someone/something that is well fed?

    • thebutchersdog

      Thanks Linda. Yes that is the image that came to my mind when Darin suggested the name, a very well fed dog:-). He had a mate who used the term ‘fit as a butcher’s dog’ frequently and he found it pretty funny. So after many discussions about the name, we both had a good feeling about that one. It made us both smile!

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