Boca Lupo – An Energy Drink

When we started discussing ‘The Butchers Dog’ there were things we felt strongly about. Such as energy drinks. Thinking they were really unhealthy we decided not to stock them. A couple of adults have asked for them so we thought we would look into them.We want to be flexible and respond to our customers desires where reasonable ;-).

We’ve found one we can live with…. Boca Lupo. It’s an Italian drink and the name means ‘In the wolf’s mouth’ or ‘good luck’. My daughter translated it as their version of ‘ break a leg’. It contains real fruit juice (orange, passionfruit, pineapple and peach) and no artificial colours or flavours, as well as guarana and caffiene (about two cups of coffee worth). It has a higher sugar content than most (probably due to the fruit). It contains no artificial sweeteners which appeals because they are really unhealthy for you.

It comes in a really cool aluminium bottle which is carbon neutral due to offsetting with trees. I like that about it too. I also like the logo, cause it has a dog. It’s been taste tested and found delicious with no aftertaste that other energy drinks can sometimes have apparently.

So we now have energy drinks!


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