We Need Honest Feedback

We have been open for nearly two months now and have tried a lot of different dishes. We are getting ready for February now. We plan to open for lunch and dinner. Most people tell us they love the food. Each day I get lots of lovely feedback from our customers who tell me how delicious their meal was. I enjoy it and it keeps the smile on my face, especially the days when we don’t reach the targets we have for ourselves.

What would be really helpful now would be some feedback about what we could do better. What would you like to see on the menu? If something hasn’t been good, we want to know. You can leave anonymous comments on the blog, so if you don’t want to be associated with your comment you can do that. I will only publish comments I want published so don’t worry about the world seeing what you say because clearly if we don’t want the world to see it, we won’t publish it. It would be helpful to know however how our customers have found us and what can be improved.


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