Gippsland Signature Dish Competition

Darin entered the competition this year, but didn’t make the finalist list. We are looking forward to getting the email about feedback.

I wanted to share the entry here on the blog because the suppliers provided us with a lot of support and I really appreciated it. We made the dish and shared it with friends who all, like I did, thought it was great.

The wine provided by Narkoojee was amazing. When I phoned Harry Friend, the winemaker, he was really helpful and dropped in a bottle of the 2010 Reserve Chardonnay for us to try. It was enjoyed by all.  We also had some 2008 Cabernet Merlot with our cheese later in the evening and our guests enjoyed every drop, we should have bought a lot more.

We visited the Tarago River Cheese Farm and were treated to a tour of the cheese making process as well as generous product samples. We used the Strezlecki Goats Blue cheese in our dish, and enjoyed all the varieties provided with our friends. We even converted a non blue cheese eating friend.

We were given the trout from the Alpine Trout Farm in Noojee. They have a range of fresh and smoked fish available.

So here is a copy of our entry:Narkoojee Special Reserve Chardonnay

Filled Alpine Trout

Strezlecki Goat Blue Cheese and Roasted Beetroot Salad

Wine: Narkoojee Special Reserve Chardonnay

Filled Alpine Trout

Serves 4


4 Fresh trout from Neerim Trout Farm

250 grams Scallops from Lakes Entrance

50g Butter

Salt flakes

Olive Oil

Spinach Leaves

1 Brown Onion

1 Pear


Fillet and salt trout removing all bones and insides.

Line inside of trout with spinach leaves.

Saute finely sliced brown onion and pear in frypan, add whole scallops.

Fill trout with mixture of onion pear and scallop. Tie with butchers twine.

Fry trout in fry pan till cooked.

Slice trout and plate.

Strezlecki Goat Blue Cheese with Baked Beetroot

2 Beetroot

300 gms Strezlecki Goat Blue CheeseBlue Cheese and Baked beetroot salad

250 gms Rocket

Drizzle Balsamic Vinegar

DrizzleOlive Oil

I bunch Red grapes


Bake Beetroot in oven for 40 minutes (depending on size of beetroot).

Slice into small cubes.

Slice cheese into thin strips.

Cut Red Grapes in half


300 gms peas cooked and pureed

Remaining Red Grapes cut in half

Olive Oil

Cracked black pepper

Finely sliced Rocket

After that feast we enjoyed this:

Thanks to Cath for taking the photos. It was certainly a yummy and well enjoyed evening. We really appreciated how helpful and supportive the local producers were. I wanted to get to the local farms for the vegetables we used, but we ran out of time. Next year we’ll be better organised. It was a last minute decision really when our fridge broke down in the shop and we found ourselves with a couple of free days.


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