Tucked Away in the Arcade – Worth Finding

We are in Hotham Street Arcade. Shop 2

A few people have mentioned that it’s difficult to find us. It is I guess. We are in an arcade so we don’t have street frontage. You can’t drive past and see that we are open. We have a sandwich board out the front when we are open but that faces towards the pedestrians rather than traffic. It would be blocked by parking most of the time, so it’s best this way.

We knew when we purchased ‘Curry Blue’ that we weren’t getting a prime location.It’s smaller than we ideally wanted, yet the overheads are manageable and as a customer you aren’t paying for the high rent, so that saved expense can be transferred to quality food.

We have limited seating. It is comfortable though and the stools are good for dining alone. The world passes by in view and there are often interesting conversations to be had. We have the newspaper and some books and magazines available.  The table in the corner is good for privacy and many a small group have enjoyed a laugh tucked away in there. The seating out the front is also a good compromise with natural lighting and yet protection from the weather.

The kitchen is well equipped for a small space. Many of the kitchens in businesses we looked at would have only been suitable for reheating food. Some had inadequate (domestic) refrigeration.  Our kitchen although compact has all we need to make our food from scratch as we do.

We have to work a bit harder to get people to come to us. Once people find us they usually return. We have a number of customers who come for a meal frequently, daily some of them. This week we had lots of people who had been referred by their friends, which I really appreciate. It’s great feedback that we are making good food. I was hoping that we could rely on word of mouth advertising because I believe it’s always the best. It’s slow though and we’ve advertised in ‘The Express’ and the radio advertising will start this week. I want more customers.


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