Hearty Food for the Cooler Days

Today I had the Beef Goulash for lunch. It was just as good as everyone said it was. I had it with Mashed potatoes. I love Darin’s creamy mashed potatoes, they go really well with the thick sausages and onion gravy as well. Yesterday I had Minestrone soup and I was tempted to have it again because it’s like a stew and the bacon and minced steak give it lots of extra flavour but I wanted to see what everyone was on about with the Goulash.

Darin makes his own stock so our soups are really yummy and hearty. He uses the vegetable stock in lots of things. I am amazed at how little waste there is in our kitchen. I think that’s the difference between a cook and a well trained chef. He really knows how to utilise food and bring out the best in it. He’s told me when he was an apprentice their waste was scrutinised. I am not sure if chef’s are still trained as rigorously as they were back in the day, but that’s a whole other blog post

We have Tiramisu this week too. I gave a sample to some of our regular customers and they raved about it so much I had to have some myself. One of them said it was the best she’d ever tasted! I haven’t had a lot of it to be honest, so I can’t compare, but it was certainly good. I’ll be having more with my coffee tomorrow!


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