Breakfast Tomorrow Anyone?

Tomorrow we open at 8am. There will be scrambled eggs, bacon, great coffee and a variety of yummy breakfast foods. You really want to come and check it out.  The food will be available to take away or eat in with the newspapers. If you’ve never had Darin’s mushrooms, you haven’t lived. Honestly they are delicious! I’ve seen people who don’t even like mushrooms convert:-)

There will still be lunch of course, Chicken with Mushrooms, Cabbage Rolls, Vichissoise soup (potato and leek), Lambs Fry and Bacon, Lasagne, Braised Steak and Onions and Pepper Steak are on the menu for tomorrow . Our vegetables will be Braised Cabbage and Mashed Potato.

Breakfast will continue until lunch starts… vague I know… but this is a live show and we are learning as we go:-). Well I am anyway!

Remember if you are a facebook fan, you can grab a frozen meal for $5. Great for shiftworkers!


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