What I’ve Learnt From Lambs Fry and Bacon

Lambs Fry and Bacon has become the only dish we ensure we have every day. I couldn’t cope with the disappointment if we didn’t have it. Not that it would be loud. The stoic natures of the dominant purchasers is to be admired. They accept it’s absence and let me know they’ll be back as soon as they can get back, to chance it again. I have aged citizens of this town tell me they have walked from the bus stop at the local shopping centre almost 3 blocks away to get their weekly serve. Some of our customers have a walking frame. How could we deny them?  They tell me about their mothers or even grandmothers cooking it for them and that ours is as good if not better some insist. I love chatting to them. It’s great to sell them something they enjoy so much that they return so frequently.

Couples of all ages come, one partner loves it, one hates it… the partner who doesn’t like it chooses some other home cooked fancy and they take it home knowing they will both be enjoying thier meal. Some say they haven’t bothered to have it for years cause they are the only ones in the house that eats it.

The younger people who enjoy it usually connect it with a mother or grandmother too. Some customers who have never tried it, become the newly converted. It is a dish that people want frozen, dine in, takeaway. The thing is we never have any frozen. It always sells out. I don’t know if it would be as good if it wasn’t fresh.

I’ve read about the health benefits of eating it. Here are some articles if you are interested:

Daily Mail (UK): Jane Clarke: Oh you are offal…But I love you!

I don’t even eat Lambs Fry and Bacon. I have no memory of eating it, but my dad told me recently my nana fed it to me as baby steaks when I was a kid, and I loved it. I think it must be good for you if she was so insistent on us eating it. She never made us eat anything we didn’t like. It smells good but I just can’t get my head around it.


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