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Starting from 27th May we are going to have a range of choices for breakfasts. Breakfast is a meal that I personally have an on and off relationship with. I know it is important to have a good breakfast but I often don’t feel like eating breakfast. I know kids need a healthy breakfast but I struggled as a parent to get them to eat it… probably because of my own bad example. I started buying breakfast on the way to work and picking up a salad roll for lunch for Tom and I and found it the easiest way to ensure we ate well.

Now that I am in the food business, I want to give our customers this convenience. I struggled with my bakery breakfast when I had issues with eating gluten a couple of years ago. It was almost impossible to get a breakfast that didn’t include bread or fruit. I started drinking protein shakes. I lost a lot of excess weight from that simple change. I didn’t change what I ate during the day I think my metabolism got started earlier or something.

When Darin and I started doing breakfast I’ve been having scrambled eggs, bacon, sausages and mushrooms for breakfast, no toast, but coffee:). It’s much more delicious than a protein shake! I felt much better going back to having breakfast. I have more energy throughout the day and I enjoy starting well. I have taken this breakfast with me in a container and eaten it whilst I do the morning shopping and it works fine. You will be able to do the same, or enjoy it at our counter whilst reading the morning papers.

We currently sell toasted sandwiches and bacon and egg rolls currently, and some of our regular customers order omelettes, scrambled eggs and ‘big breakfasts’ with the lot. We are going to add some other yummy and healthy choices such as porridge.

I recently read this web article ‘Eat Breakfast Every Day’ ( I have added it to my bookmarks also.  I felt it was quite true. As a teacher I found that many students who didn’t eat breakfast had difficulty concentrating.

We are going to launch our breakfast with a free breakfast next Friday for our customers to come in and try our yummy and healthy choices and look at the menu. I want to have soups and take away lunches in the display fridge for the time pressed. I can relate to that! We are still researching breakfasts and costing and sourcing the best ingredients. I’m hoping to have our breakfast menu and pricelist on this blog by the end of the weekend.


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